A New Way to Bring Music Into the Classroom

Feb 07, 2022

Over the last 30+ years, in my work as a music teacher, I have spent countless hours in preschool classrooms bringing the joy and enrichment of music to children. One thing I have noticed is that early childhood teachers are often reluctant to facilitate their own music times. I believe that there are two main reasons for this;

  1. The teacher is not a musician or singer

  2. Teachers are afraid that the children will get wild and be difficult to control.

But the truth is that, given the right tools and training, any teacher, even those with no musical experience, can enrich their classrooms with fun, interactive music times!

This is why I created the PlayMotion Music System™; to give non musician teachers the tools and training to create high quality music groups for the children that they work with. The PlayMotion Music System comes in the form of monthly curriculum modules that include original music, lesson plans, a mobile app, and a step by step handbook that give teachers everything they need to bring music into the classroom, no musical ability required.

Teachers participate in an interactive workshop where they have a chance to participate in all the activities they will later be guiding the children through. In addition, teachers have access to me live, via video conferencing, phone or in person depending on their location, for follow up coaching sessions.


Click here out the PlayMotion Music platform for teachers and get free lessons and original music to use in your classroom.