PlayMotion Music for Teachers

Create interactive, music and movement lessons for your preschoolers!


Why Teachers Love Playmotion Music!

PlayMotion Music is a multimedia curriculum and teacher training program with everything you need to provide children with active, engaging and developmentally enriching interactive music and movement experiences.

The PlayMotion Music System is for early childhood educators who aspire to use interactive music and movement songs, stories and rhythm games to enhance the development of their students and to keep children active, engaged and thriving.

PlayMotion Music is 12 modules of multimedia curriculum with educational themes including, Language Development, Nutrition, Exercise, Spanish & Science.


Song Cards

Each module includes an illustrated PDF Song Card Book with a Song Card for each of the activities in the module.

Each module includes an illustrated PDF Song Card Book with a Song Card for each of the 11 activities in the module.

The Song Cards are two sided with instructive illustrations and reference material for teachers including step-by step instructions on how to present the activities, the language to use when introducing the activity and the song lyrics.


Teacher Training Videos

Easy and simple instructions to make the fun more effective!

Each activity in the modules has a corresponding Teacher Training Video that the teacher will watch to learn the movements that they will be modeling when leading their students in the interactive music and movement activities.

The Teacher Training Videos are not designed to be viewed by the children.


Interactive Music Audio Tracks

Get access to all interactive audio tracks in each module! 

Each of the activities in the modules has an accompanying Interactive Music Audio Track. These are the songs, stories and rhythm games in audio form. They are designed to be used by teachers in the classroom.

After teachers have watched the Teacher Training Videos they are ready to lead their students in the interactive music and movement activities. They get their Song Cards ready, give the introduction to that specific activity and play the audio track.

While the music is playing the teacher models the movements so that the children can follow along as they move, dance, hop like a bunny, fly like a Super Kid, crawl like a spider and go on imaginative adventures. 


Weekly LIVE Interactive Virtual Classes! 


When you sign up for the Playmotion Music Membership,each month subscribers will have access to a LIVE 30 minute, interactive music and movement class with Nick the Music Man!

Classes are hosted every Wednesday, at 8am PDT and 10am PDT. 

The LIVE videos will then be added to the PlayMotion Music library and will be available for subscribers to replay as often as they like!


How to use PlayMotion with your students


Get ready to move, dance and have fun!


PlayMotion Music is designed to be intuitive, easy to use and adaptable to your unique teaching style.

Follow the step by step instructions and see how your students respond and engage with the exciting music and movement activities!


Step By Step Instructions:

1. Before you present this material to your students, prepare by watching the videos and practicing the movements and choreography that go with each song and activity.

2. Read along with the lyrics on the song cards to learn how to sing along with each song.

3. When you are ready, gather the children in the group space. Have your audio player ready with the music. Have the song cards ready to guide you with the instructions, introduction (what you say to the children to introduce the song before starting the audio) and the song lyrics.

4. Introduce the first song then start the music and model the movements to show the children how to move their bodies.


Create interactive, music and movement lessons for your preschoolers using PlayMotion Music illustrated song cards, rhythm games, interactive audio tracks and teacher training videos!


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