Give your child the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with our multimedia curriculum.


Interactive music and movement is more than just singing along and playing music with your kids. 


You already know and studies have shown that music enhances all areas of children’s development including school readiness, academic performance, language development, social/emotional development, gross and fine motor development and phonological awareness. However, after spending countless hours in preschool classrooms and performing for children and parents, one thing that I noticed was that interactive movement further enhanced the learning and development of most children.


Trusted By and Seen On The Best Educational Organizations & Music Platforms

Enhance the development of your child right from your home & classroom, anytime, anyday. It's that easy! 


The Playmotion Music multi-media approach enhances children’s development in many areas!

Self Regulation.

Academic Performance.

Social and Emotional Development.

English Language Development.

Cognitive Behavior.

Physical Development.

Explores performing arts including music, drama and dance.


Effective educational strategies that enhances students learning in the easiest and most natural way possible! 

Create a positive environment in the classroom.

Observe and complete evaluations of student development.

Achieve positive teacher/student interactions.

Gives mom and dad an alternative way to enhance their child's development and gives them an opportunity to release their energy right from home! 

Create opportunities for positive use of time and energy.

Fosters positive parent/child interactions.

Promotes healthy development in their children.



See What's Included and How To Use Playmotion Music

Provide your child the opportunity to learn from their most natural state of joy!

Join the Playmotion Music Membership!

PlayMotion Music is 10 modules of multimedia curriculum with educational themes including, Language Development, Nutrition, Exercise, Spanish & Science. It's the perfect in-class and at home curriculum-based program to help your kids stay active, engaged, and develop important educational & developmental skills through interactive music and movement! We guarantee to enhance children's early childhood development and are dedicated to helping parents and teachers like you to become more pro-active in your child's well-being in the easiest way possible!



Parent & Teacher

Training Videos

Easy and simple instructions to make the fun more effective!

Each activity in the modules has a corresponding Parent & Teacher Training Video that the adult will watch to learn the movements that they will be modeling when leading their students or children in the interactive music and movement activities.



Interactive Music Audio Tracks

Get access to all interactive audio tracks in each module! 

Each of the activities in the modules has an accompanying Interactive Music Audio Track. These are the songs, stories and rhythm games in audio form. They are designed to be used by teachers in the classroom or for parents on the go!

After parents & teachers have watched the Training Videos they are ready to lead their students in the interactive music and movement activities. Get your Song Cards ready, give the introduction to that specific activity, and play the audio track. It's that easy!



Song Cards

Each module includes an illustrated PDF Song Card Book with a Song Card for each of the activities in the module.

The Song Cards are two sided with instructive illustrations and reference material for teachers and parents including step-by step instructions on how to present the activities, the language to use when introducing the activity and the song lyrics.




Live Music Class/Concert Videos

Be part of our weekly LIVE calls with Nick The Music Man

When you join the Playmotion Music Membership, you will have access to a weekly LIVE 30 minute, interactive music and movement concert with Nick the Music Man! The live videos will then be added to the PlayMotion Music library and will be available for you to watch the replay as often as you like.


See The Modules You and Your Child Will Explore Together! 

The best and easiest multimedia music system for parents and teachers!

10+ Modules For You To Explore With Your Kids!


Imagination Module 

Let's activate our children's imagination with energetic songs, stories and rhythm games.

Learn More About This Module

Nutrition & Exercise Module 

Learn important lessons about making healthy food and physical activity choices with these nutrition & exercise songs.

Learn More About This Module

Transportation Module 

This interactive music module is packed with highly interactive and energetic songs about many modes of transportation that children love to explore.

Learn More About This Module

Science Module 

Bring science concepts to life through music and movement.
From the water cycle, dinosaurs and more!

Learn More About This Module

Pre-Math Module 

Tap into the power of interactive music to help children learn pre-math skills with these highly interactive songs.


Learn More About This Module

Pre-Spelling & Reading Module

Your child will learn how to read & spell while they dance, jump, and play with their animal friends! 


Learn More About This Module

Nature Module 

Children think about and experience aspects of the natural world by acting out movements related to animals and plants found in nature.

Learn More About This Module

Spanish Module 

Music is a powerful tool for children’s learning. In this module we use music to learn Spanish. Children who already speak Spanish and are learning English will benefit as well.

Learn More About This Module

Pirate Treasure Hunt Module 

Pirate Pete and Jen the Fairy Dancer take you on an adventure to a Magic Treasure Island to find the lost treasure!

Learn More About This Module

Dance Party Module 

Hip Hop Jen is in the house with her high energy and interactive Kids Dance Party! In this module we use fun dance beats and catchy rhythms to get everyone up and DANCING!

Learn More About This Module


Check out a preview of our latest  LIVE virtual classroom session ! 

When you join the PlayMotion Music Membership, you will be able participate in our weekly, live, music and movement classes via Zoom right from your home! 


Weekly virtual classes are hosted every Wednesday at 8AM PDT and 10AM PDT. 


“This program helps my students to self regulate, count in time and express themselves through music and movement.”

— Sofia S.


“My students expressive language and phonological awareness has increased due to these music modules.”

— Monica F.

Commited to giving parents & teachers like you a fun, joyful, and effortless experience!

Our mission is to keep kids active, engaged and thriving with interactive music and movement!

Move. Sing. Play. Learn. with Playmotion Music and Nick The Music Man.


Improves Their Social & Behavior Skills At School and At Home. 

They immediately get better at school activities, get along with others, and learn how to share.


Regulates Their Physical, Emotional, and Social Development.

Interactive Music & Movement helps your kids to develop healthy neurons and brain structure. That's right!  (Hint: It improves their fine and gross motor skills)


Perfect for Early Childhood Education Teachers and Parents.

There is no better way to provide the building blocks that children need and to boost their school readiness. We make teaching music easy with illustrated song cards, interactive audio tracks and training videos that your kids will absolutely love doing over and over again. 


Improves Night Time Wiggles and Helps Children Thrive Naturally.

Music and movement activities are a great way for children to naturally use excess energy which helps them become more relaxed and sleep well during bedtime hours. 


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