PlayMotion Music for Families


Keep your children active, engaged and thriving with these high energy interactive music & movement songs, stories and rhythm games!


Parent & Teacher

Training Videos

Easy and simple instructions to make the fun more effective!

Teachers, parents and children love to move and dance to these high energy, interactive songs, stories and rhythm games.

Children will be riding on a train and crawling like a spider, flying like a Super Kid and going on a Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure.

Then it’s instrument time. Pass out the drums, shakers, scrapers, bells and triangles and let us hear the music! The children also use the instruments to play songs and tell musical stories.


Song Cards

Each module includes an illustrated PDF Song Card Book with a Song Card for each of the activities in the module.

The Song Cards are two sided with instructive illustrations and reference material for parents including step-by step instructions on how to present the activities, the language to use when introducing the activity and the song lyrics.

The Song Card Books are designed to be used by parents and their children. Parents and children can use the Song Cards before, during and after the music and movement activities to enhance the learning and developmental benefits of the program.


Family Videos

Each module has a video that leads the children through all of the interactive music and movement activities in that module. These videos feature Nick & Jen singing, dancing and modeling the movements for the children to follow.

The Family Videos also incorporate the interactive illustrations from the Song Cards. These videos are fun, engaging and entertaining.


Interactive Music Audio Tracks

Get access to all interactive audio tracks in each module! 

Each of the activities in the modules has an accompanying Interactive Music Audio Track. These are the songs, stories and rhythm games in audio form. They are designed to be used by parents at home with their children.


While the music is playing parents can interact by modeling the movements so that the children can follow along as they move, dance, hop like a bunny, fly like a Super Kid, crawl like a spider and go on imaginative adventures.

The audio tracks can be used by parents at home and they can listen to the music as they would any children’s music album in the car, at home and on playdates.



Live Music Class/Concert Videos

Be part of our weekly LIVE calls with Nick The Music Man

When you join the Playmotion Music Membership, you will have access to a weekly LIVE 30 minute, interactive music and movement concert with Nick the Music Man! The live videos will then be added to the PlayMotion Music library and will be available for you to watch the replay as often as you like.


High Energy Interactive Music & Movement Songs, Stories & Rhythm Games!


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