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animals free lessons free music original song preschool music Feb 06, 2022

Here is my song, “Animals on the Move.”


It’s a super popular song in my music classes. The children get to move their bodies like different kinds of animals including a spider, a snake, a dolphin and an elephant.

4 Animals on the Move
Nick Young
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During this song the children will be crawling, hopping and flying around the group space. Make a point about the “Invisible Bubble” in your introduction and then be alert for any bumping or pushing during the song. When children do bump or push their friends gently remind them to move where there is room for their body to go.




Tell the children “Now we get to move our bodies like different kinds of animals. The first one is a spider crawling on the floor. You can do the backwards crab crawl or a frontward crawl. But first, put on your invisible bubble around your whole body. That means that your body will not bump or touch your friends body. Make sure that you move your body where there is room to go without bumping your friends.”




Spiders are creeping X4
creep around the circle and stop
snakes that slither X4
slither round the circle and stop
dolphins are swimming X4
swim around the circle and stop
birds are flying X4
fly around the circle and stop

Now think of all the animals in the whole world and move your body like any animal that you choose… here we go!

Animals are on the move, on the move
be any animal that you choose, that you choose
in the forest, in the trees, in the jungle, or in the sea
animals are on the move
I see some tigers that are crawling in the jungle
I see whales swimming in the ocean
I see all kinds of animals
now turn into an elephant
elephants walking X4
walk around the circle and stop

We are off and running! After a great two week break from teaching classes It felt great to get back to working with the children yesterday. As I started the first class of the week at a preschool in Long Beach, CA I was reminded of how rewarding it is to bring music into the lives of young children. Their energy and joy fills my heart with gladness and puts a big smile on my face as we sing, dance jump and fly to our music time songs and activities.

I know you and the children in your classroom and home will love this FREE Preschool Movement Song!


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