How To Start & Run A Mobile Preschool Music & Movement Program (with $0 to start and $0 overhead)

free music preschool music Jan 31, 2024
Nick The Music Man

Learn how to start and run a successful mobile preschool music and movement business with no money to start and no overhead costs. 

I have been running my mobile preschool music and movement program, called The Young Music Company, for over 20 years. It has been an awesome experience that has provided my family and I with a great income and it has been incredibly rewarding. My family background is in music and early childhood education. I have been able to combine those two passions to create a unique business that has grown to employ many people and provide rich and rewarding experiences for young children and the teachers and schools that they attend. 


Low Overhead!

One of the best aspects of this kind of business is it’s extremely low overhead. You don’t need to rent an office or storefront. You can run it easily out of your home office. The classes are held at the preschool campuses that you contract with. All you need is reliable transportation, a guitar and a collection of hand percussion instruments to get started. To perform this valuable service you just need musical ability, a lot of enthusiasm and a fun and playful personality. 


How To Get Started

A good place to start is by working as a preschool teacher. I started out as a teacher at my mom’s family childcare in Long Beach California where I worked with the children for five years. I would bring my guitar with me to the school and sing songs with the children. I noted how attracted they were to the music that we made together. I started to study artists in the preschool music and movement field like Greg and Steve, Raffy and a lesser known musician named Frank Leto. During this five years I developed my ability to tailor the music that I was presenting to the children in a what they is engaging and would hold their attention. 


To be continued...