Three Best Ideas for Preschool Music

Feb 06, 2022

What are some good ideas for preschool music time?


What are the Three Best Ideas for Preschool Music? Preschool music must be interactive. So the best ideas for preschool music are songs and activities where the children take an active and creative part.


Directed movement songs


Number one of the three best ideas for preschool music is  directed movement songs. Directed movement songs are songs that tell the children exactly how to move their bodies.

These kinds of songs feature movements like wiggle your shoulders, stand on one foot, turn around, tap your foot, stand on one leg, lay down on the floor and go to sleep jump back up.


Imaginative movement songs


Number two of the three best ideas for preschool music as imaginative movement songs. Imaginative movement songs are the kinds of songs that leave room for interpretation. And these kind of songs of the children are told to crawl like a spider, hop like a frog, fly like a super kid, go riding on a train etc.


Use Instruments


Number three of the three best ideas for preschool music is:  use instruments. Use instruments in your music time like shakers, scrapers, triangles, drums and bells.  These instruments can be used to accompany songs, especially ones that have a strong rhythmic element.

They can be used to Play rhythms like quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes and 16th notes.  These hand percussion instruments can also be used to tell musical stories. Scrapers can make the sound of a frog, drums can be the sound of elephants running to the jungle and shakers bells and triangles can be the sound of splashing water for example.


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