Top 3 Kids Movement Songs from Nick & Jen

free lessons free music original song Feb 06, 2022

Here are Nick & Jen’s Top three kids movement songs! Use these songs in the classroom, home and even in the car to get kids (and parents and teachers) moving and interacting with positive, imaginative, creative songs from Nick the Music man & Jen the Fairy Dancer. Nick & Jen have been bringing the joy of music into the lives of children for over twenty years. Now they are sharing their amazing music program with children, teachers and parents all over the world!


The Songs:


  1. Hop On One Foot: This is a directed movement song. The children stand and hop on one foot at a time. Then they lay down and take a rest before jumping up to hop some more!

  2. Animals on the Move: This is an imaginative movement song. The children get to move their bodies like different animals including a spider, snake, dolphin, bird and elephant!

  3. The Happy Dance: This is a directed movement song with a positive message about overcoming adversity and having a positive attitude even when life gets challenging.

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