Top 5 Kids Dance Party Games

Feb 06, 2022

Being a dance educator for 12 years I have discovered that kids absolutely love dance parties!  Parents and teachers love them too, but it can be a real struggle to find fun kids dance party games to keep them engaged for a long period of time.

So, I’m here to give you my awesome, top 5 kids dance party games that will keep your kids active, engaged and totally having a blast!


Top 5 Kids Dance Party Games:


  1. Limbo Game: Grab a broom stick and use it for Limbo! Have all the kids lineup, tell them to put their arms out like airplanes, look up at the sky and take turns going under the stick bending their backs and adding a little shoulder boogie. Put on any high energy song (it doesn’t necessarily need to be the limbo song, I recommend any Kids Bop song like What Does the Fox Say? ) and keep the line going until the song ends. Most importantly, make sure you keep lowering the stick, for kids love the challenge of trying to make it under!

  2. Cones Game: Buy some cones on Amazon or a Sporting Goods store ($5-$15) and once you have them, place the cones in one line spread out. There are a few fun things you can do with them: Jump over them like a frog or different kinds of animals, Jump apart together or jumping jacks, run in and out of the cones like driving a race car, or with a partner, hold hands facing each other and skip together down the line with the cones being in the middle of their bodies.

  3. Dance Poses Game: Kids love this one! Have them grab a partner or they can go solo, put on a fun song, ( I recommend Happy by Pharrell Williams) and tell them they have a few minutes to create 3 Dance Poses, can be anything! ( tip: google dance poses for ideas) and when they are ready, have each take turns dancing across the floor until you say, Pose 1! Pose 2! Pose 3! And watch them bust out their cool poses!

  4. Cha Cha Slide Game: Buy the song, Cha Cha Slide on iTunes and just play it! It’s that simple. This song tells you what to do so it’s super easy for kids to follow along. This song is called a directive movement song where you don’t have to think about the choreography, it simply tells what to do with your body! Cupid Shuffle and YMCA are good ones too!

  5. Freeze Dance Game: This is the favorite among all kids! Pick a high energy song with a good beat ( Uptown Funk is great!) and play it and stop the song frequently and say, Freeze! Then the kids have to freeze their bodies. If one moves while frozen then they are out. Keep playing until the last person is standing! You can also just play it for fun without doing the game so nobody can get out.

Yay! Have a blast with the Top 5 Kids Dance Party Games and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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