Teachers and children love to move and dance to these high energy, interactive songs, stories and rhythm games. Children will be riding on a train, crawling like a spider, echoing body movements and experiencing a children’s song from Africa.

Then it’s instrument time. Pass out the drums, shakers, scrapers, bells and triangles and let us hear the music! The children learn to read and play music notes with rhythm games using the included Rhythm Sound Cards and the instruments tell a story about a bird, frog and crocodile. Each of the 11 interactive songs, stories and rhythm games comes with a teacher training video and an interactive audio track.


Songs For Teaching Imaginative Movement

With these songs for teaching imaginative movement the children will move their bodies to directed movement songs and imaginative movement songs.

directed movement song gives the children instructions on how to move their bodies within the lyrics of the song. An imaginative movement song gives the children the opportunity to interpret  the song and move their bodies creatively.

Science Shows the Benefits for Children

These activities help children to develop their gross and fine motor skills as well as their creativity and imagination. They also get a healthy dose of exercise in the process!


Many peer reviewed studies have proven the benefits of interactive music for children. The songs, stories and rhythm games contained in this PlayMotion Music Module provide an opportunity for children to develop their imaginative skills and move their bodies according to those imaginative choices.


These Songs Do the Work For You


As a teacher of young children, you are faced with the challenging task of how to engage your students in activities that are developmentally beneficial. The songs and activities in this curriculum have been tried and tested offer decades of use in the classroom.

All the material is highly engaging and instructive. After a brief introduction to prepare the children for each activity, simply start the music and move along with the children.

The song lyrics prompt you on how to move your body and the exciting and energetic tone makes it easy to join in with the fun.


Providing children with an opportunity to express their creativity


Young children love to move and interact with music.

The purpose of these songs, stories and rhythm games is to provide children with an opportunity to express their creativity and use their abundant energy to interact with their peers, parents and teachers with while actively moving their bodies, using their voices and playing rhythm sounds with hand percussion instruments.


Children live in the world of play

These music activities are designed to meet children where they live; in the world of imaginative play and movement.

These activities give children a suggestion such as “move like a spider”. The children are invited to interpret that movement in any way they choose.  


The developmental benefits are no joke

While these activities are lighthearted and playful in their nature the developmental benefits for children are no joke.


The University of Southern California conducted a study in 2016 and concluded that early music education enhances brain development in the areas of language and reading. Children retain information and language when it is presented in the context of interactive music and movement activities more than any other medium.


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