Learning About the Natural World

Children are curious about the natural world and will actively explore and observe plants and animals in the natural environment. Through this curiosity and exploration children learn about the anatomy, habitats and behaviors of the living things that they come into contact with.

They learn that plants and animals grow and change over time and that living things need food and water to live and grow.

Using Interactive Music and Movement to Deepen Children’s Experience Of The Natural World


These interactive songs, stories and rhythm games are designed to give children a chance to think about and experience aspects of the natural world in a physical way by allowing them to act out movements related to animals and plants found in nature.   


Music Learning activities help to solidify basic vocabulary.

Unlike traditional learning, music and movement provides a fun and memorable educational opportunity for children.


Boosts Children’s Mood and Enjoyment

Participation in interactive music and movement will improve children’s mood, reduce their stress level and increase their enjoyment.


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