Tap into the power of interactive music to help children learn pre-math skills with these highly interactive songs that will have children singing, dancing, exploring spatial relationships, building a building, moving in creative ways, playing rhythms with instruments, telling a musical story about walking through the woods to Grandmother’s House, counting numbers and much more!

There is a Song Card for each of the songs and activities with step-by-step instructions to guide teachers as they present the music activities.


Music = Math


You may have heard it said that music and mathematics are closely related. It is true that advanced music theory is full of complex mathematical concepts. But it is also true that the simpler songs and activities in music for children contain many mathematical principals.


Music and movement activities provide children with many opportunities to acquire basic math skills.


Our songs and activities are full of many basic math skill learning opportunities such as matching, comparing, patterning, sequencing, counting and addition.

We add the bonus of interactive movement in order to create an entire mind/body experience and maximize the developmental benefits.


Children must gain Pre-Math skills before moving to more complex mathematical concepts.


Children learn math skills by following a developmental sequence. Children have to gain an understanding of the concepts of math before they can move on to using mathematical symbols and terms.

Many times, children are introduced to numbers before they have had a chance to understand the concept that the numbers represent.


Interactive Math Songs for Preschoolers


Early childhood educators know the value of music in their classrooms. Music contributes to the academic environment in ways that positively impact the whole child.

Early childhood music education, using math songs for preschoolers, has a powerful impact on the development of foundational mathematical skills and thought processes. 


Interactive Music Has an Even Stronger Impact

Interactive music is a powerful tool for early childhood learning. By interacting physically with the subject matter, children develop a lasting familiarity with the preschool math concepts like Numbers, patterns, proportions, and ratios.

The children will be moving their bodies while they explore preschool math concepts. They will compare sizes, learn shapes, recognize differences, count numbers and experience spatial relationships.

Music is Math

Using shakers, scrapers, bells, triangles and drums the children will play counting songs, different and same rhythm patterns and tell a musical story about walking through the woods to Grandmother’s House.


When children interact with music it causes the neurons in the brain to activate. Pathways are created that are also used during complex spatial reasoning. The more these pathways are used the stronger they become and the easier it is to access them.

This has a direct effect on skills like: the understanding of spatial relationships, language and literacy, cognition, gross and fine motor skills as well as many others.


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