Social & Emotional Development


Using interactive music and movement to foster social and emotional development in children


Social/Emotional development has a direct correlation to a child’s academic growth, self-esteem, personal relationships and school readiness.

In this module we use songs and activities about family and friends to give children opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills and traits. 


Emotional Literacy, Social Interactions & Problem Solving

Children develop their social/emotional skills naturally by interacting with peers and observing their parents and teachers. But these vital skills can also be taught.   

Building Social Confidence

When children participate in interactive music and movement activities like those included in this module and all the PlayMotion Music Modules, they encounter the kinds of challenges and developmental opportunities that allow them to develop social skills, impulse control and social confidence.


Boosts Children’s Mood and Enjoyment


Participation in interactive music and movement will improve children’s mood, reduce their stress level and increase their enjoyment.


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